Posted on 9th March 2020
Category: News

The Humber Growth Hub has put together a number of 1-2-1 clinics across the Humber region to help businesses prepare for leaving the EU. The 1-2-1 sessions will last for 1 hour. The Clinics are being delivered by Brexit Strategist, Katrina McWhinnie of Mcwhinnie Consultancy Ltd. The clinics cover four different topics, you can find more details of each clinic by clicking on register here below. When registering for the clinic you can indicate on the booking form what your key questions, issues and topics of discussion will be so that the advisor can prepare to give you the most relevant and tailored support on the day. These clinics are funded by the Growth Hub and are free of charge to your business.

1) Import, Export and Changes at the Border
Topics of discussion could include:
o EORI Numbers – What they are, how to get one and how to use them
o Customs Declarations – What they are, when and how to make them
o Export Documentation
o Possible import and export tariff regimes and considerations
o Expected changes and the border for goods & services

18/03/2020 (AM) Hull – Register here
18/03/2020 (PM) Beverley – Register here
19/03/2020 (AM) Grimsby – Register here
19/03/2020 (PM) Scunthorpe – Register here


2) Manufactured Goods Regulation & Cross-Border Supply Chains
Topics of discussion could include:
o Notified Bodies
o CE Marking
o Registration of chemicals
o Food labelling
o Supply Chain Resilience

24/03/2020 (AM) Beverley – Register here
24/03/2020 (PM) Hull – Register here
25/03/2020 (AM) Grimsby – Register here
25/03/2020 (PM) Scunthorpe – Register here

3) Employing EU Nationals & Employees Working in Europe
Topics of discussion could include:
o Assessing whether your employees need to apply for the EU settlement scheme as European Nationals an your role as an employer
o Navigating the process for recruiting an overseas EU national
o A look at the proposed skills based immigration system
o Assessing whether you or your employees need a visa or work permit for your/their profession to work in the country they are going to
o Considerations when travelling to do business in the EU after transition period

26/03/2020 (AM) Hull – Register here
26/03/2020 (PM) Beverley – Register here
27/03/2020 (AM) Grimsby – Register here
27/03/2020 (PM) Scunthorpe – Register here

4) Digital Data Rights, Transfer, GDPR and IP
Topics of discussion could include:
o Accessing and processing personal data from the EU
o Using websites or services hosted in Europe
o Providing digital services available to Europe
o Intellectual Property Changes – Copyright, TM’s, Registered Design and Patents
o Digital Data Rights, Transfer, GDPR and IP – Steps to Take Now
o Digital Data Rights, Transfer, GDPR and IP – Key Considerations for the End of Transition

30/03/2020 (AM) Scunthorpe – Register here
30/03/2020 (PM) Grimsby – Register here
31/03/2020 (AM) Beverley – Register here
31/03/2020 (PM) Hull – Register here