The Humber LEP and Humber Growth Hub no longer exist. The Government stopped 2 LEPS covering the same areas. The Humber region was covered by both the Humber LEP and the Greater Lincolnshire LEP. North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire councils decided that Their location should be part of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP.

So the Humber LEP and Humber Growth Hub have been changed to cover just Hull and East Yorkshire so the name has changed to Hull and East Yorkshire LEP (HEY LEP) and Hull and East Yorkshire Growth Hub (HEY Growth Hub.

The Humber websites have changed to:


HEY Growth Hub

The HEY Growth Hub now supports businesses based in Hull and East Yorkshire. Businesses on the south bank of the Humber are supported by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP.

The twitter accounts have also changed to: