Become a Green Deal business

Become a Green Deal provider
Business: Licences

    Get your business authorised to provide services to Green Deal customers if you install, manufacture or give advice about energy-saving products or improvements.

    Your business can be authorised to operate as:

    • an assessor – this means you can visit Green Deal customers to assess their properties and make recommendations for improvements
    • an installer – this means you can install improvements for Green Deal customers
    • a provider – this means you can provide Green Deal customers with finance and arranging installation through an authorised installer

    You don’t need to be authorised if you manufacture and sell energy-saving products, but your products must meet certain standards.

    Read the guidance for more information and to find out what improvements qualify for the Green Deal.

    How to apply

    Contact a certification body to find out how you can become a Green Deal assessor or installer.

    There’s a different process to become a provider and you must take a ‘fitness test’ before you can get authorised.

    If you’re a Green Deal provider or a charity and you want to get involved in the Green Deal Cashback Scheme, you’ll need to register.

    How your business can become an authorised Green Deal provider – advising, installing and manufacturing energy-saving products in properties