Data protection register: notify ICO about personal data

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    Under data protection law, you may have to provide details of how your organisation handles personal data about staff or customers, for the data protection register.

    You’ll need to fill in an online application form and pay a fee.

    Tell the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about personal data used by your organisation, for inclusion on the data protection register

    If you’re unsure if you need to do this, check using the online self-assessment.

    You could be committing a criminal offence if you don’t notify the ICO.

    Where your details will appear

    Information including your organisation’s name and the reason for storing the data will appear on the data protection public register.

    How much it costs

    The annual fee is £35 for most organisations, including small and medium-sized businesses.

    The annual fee is £500 if your organisation has both:

    • 250 or more staff
    • a turnover of at least £25.9 million

    Public sector organisations must pay the annual fee of £500 if they have 250 or more staff.