Packaging waste: designer responsibilities

Business: Waste Environment

    You must follow environmental regulations when designing packaging.

    Amount of materials used

    You must make sure that the packaging you design is the minimum weight and volume needed to keep the product safe and hygienic.

    Hazardous substances

    Packaging must not contain high levels of noxious or hazardous substances.

    Recyclable packaging

    Recyclable packaging must be designed so that a certain percentage of the materials used are recyclable.

    Packaging for energy recovery

    Packaging designed to be disposed of through energy recovery (energy through burning materials) must contain at least 50% of organic materials that burn, eg paper, wood, cardboard.

    Biodegradable packaging

    Packaging designed for composting must be biodegradable.

    Reusable packaging

    Reusable packaging must be designed so that it can be used several times. Once it has been reused, it must meet the requirements for recycling, energy recovery or composting.

    Packaging design regulations: environmental requirements, recycling