Running a landfill site (England, Scotland and Wales)

Business: Waste Environment

    You need permission to run a landfill site and you must follow the regulations.

    Landfill sites are places where waste that can’’t be reused or recycled is buried.

    Only certain kinds of waste can go to a landfill site and you have to make sure the waste is buried properly, eg that no polluting liquids leak into the groundwater.

    England and Wales

    1. Check which waste is suitable for landfill.
    2. Apply for a bespoke permit from the Environment Agency.
    3. Fill in an Environmental and Installation Design report.
    4. Do an environmental risk assessment.
    5. If you want to store hazardous waste, do a hazardous waste risk assessment.

    All landfill site operators have to register for and pay landfill tax.

    Environment Agency helpline
    03708 506 506
    Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

    Scottish Environment Protection Agency helpline
    01786 457 700
    Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


    Environmental permits needed for running landfill sites and regulations when taking landfill and hazardous waste