Small commercial vessel registrations, surveys and inspections

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    You must have small commercial boats surveyed to make sure that they comply with UK safety laws.

    Any boat that’s not a pleasure vessel is considered to be a commercial boat.

    Before going to sea, the boat must be tested on its:

    • safety
    • construction
    • control systems
    • onboard machinery
    • electrical equipment

    Register a small commercial vessel

    Contact the UK Ship Register (UKSR) for more information on registering small commercial vessels.

    UK Ship Register
    029 2044 8800

    UK Ship Register

    Anchor Court

    Keen Road


    CF24 5JW

    Small commercial vessel surveys

    Your boat will be surveyed to one of the following codes of practice:

    • the safety of small commercial motor vessels
    • the safety of small commercial sailing vessels
    • the safety of small workboats and pilot boats
    • the safety of small vessels in commercial use for sport or pleasure operating from a nominated departure point
    • small vessels in commercial use for sport or pleasure, workboats and pilot boats – alternative construction standards

    Read more information on small craft codes on the Maritime and Coastguard Agency website.

    Small commercial vessels must be registered, surveyed and inspected to meet UK safety laws – registering a boat, surveys and inspections