Our starting point is that digital maturity matters in every industry. The C4DI can work with you to bring together talented specialist teams who can develop innovative ways to help grow your business.


C4DI Accelerator is a programme to fast-track high-growth startups through smart investment capital and a bootcamp process that develops robust and globally-connected businesses.

Hull has a number of priority areas such as engineering, renewables, tourism and social/healthcare. By encouraging startups working in these areas, we can ensure that our startups have the greatest competitive advantage, with access to the supply chains and mentors within those sectors to help them grow.


Whilst many early stage businesses have interesting ideas and technology, they still require substantial intervention to prepare them for seed finance. The provision of ‘smart money’ that includes mentoring, business and product development support and introductions alongside pre-seed capital has greater value to these businesses than cash alone. This approach has been successfully developed in the US by Y Combinator and TechStars and is known as a ‘pre-seed accelerator programme’

Hot Desk Membership

One of the best things about the C4DI is the community of terrific people. From designers, to hardware specialists, technologists, marketeers and developers, everyone works and plays together to make an amazing environment.

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