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Our products and services reflect the diversity of the industries and companies we work with. They’re designed to suit businesses of all sizes, and meet different requirements. We strive to understand your business and sector so we can help you find the right solution.

Finance lease
Finance lease affords you some of the benefits of full ownership. We purchase the asset then rent it to you over an agreed term, for a small initial outlay plus a fixed monthly rental that’s tailored to meet your cash flow needs. When the lease term is over, you don’t own the asset – but we’ll give you a portion of the resale value.

Hire purchase
lets you spread the purchase cost of an asset over a longer period with fixed regular payments. It can be designed to suit your business and we offer flexibility on the cost of your deposit, fixed payments and the final lump sum.

Operating lease
we retain ownership of the asset and you pay a fixed monthly rental to use it. This lets you acquire high value or specialist equipment without taking on the risk of it losing value.

Contract hire
flexible finance solution that could help you avoid the risks associated with vehicle ownership – like maintenance costs and depreciation.

Sale and leaseback
transfers ownership of your existing assets from the owner to Lombard. You then continue to use the assets, effectively leasing them from us for a monthly fee.

Capital import finance
To keep a competitive edge, it pays to update your machinery regularly. However, the costs and risks involved in importing assets can be a big challenge. Developed by Lombard and Royal Bank of Scotland, capital import finance could help you acquire plant and machinery assets without risking your cash.

Commercial Marine finance
We can provide marine finance for commercial vessels to companies registered in the UK, including the Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Gibraltar.

Technology finance
These finance solutions are especially suited to acquiring new technology assets. Each one caters to different needs. But they’re all designed to help maintain your cash flow and keep your business competitive.


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