Mid-Life MOT is a small investment of your time but it could make a big difference. By investing in ourselves today, we’ll be open to the many opportunities that tomorrow will bring.

If you are 40+, The Mid-Life MOT is a great way to review your finances, skills and health to get ready for the many opportunities that the future will bring.

The Humber LEP is one of 10 LEPs across England who have been asked to develop and trial a local response to the mid-life MOT. The Humber LEP, along with local partners at the National Careers Service, Money & Pension Service, Public Health England and Active Humber have developed a ‘one stop shop’ online platform: Mid-Life MOT (www.humberopportunities.co.uk/mid-life-mot/) containing free services and tools for both individuals and employers alike.

The mid-life MOT encourages people in their 40s, 50s and 60s to make more active planning in the key areas of work, wellbeing and money. Employers can play a vital role in enabling people to build their plans and shape their work to suit their needs and aspirations which helps with the retention of older employees, keeping crucial knowledge and skills within businesses.

The platform is completely free to access and has been designed specifically with businesses of all sizes in mind and sets out how amid-life MOT can help both employers and employees. The platform contains useful links, tools and services which not only offer key advice for all but leads the way to activities and simple steps towards meaningful action and change.

Local users will be able to access tools such as HR advice and ways of supporting an older workforce. Likewise, employees and individuals will be able to access tools to assess their finances,any upskilling opportunities, career progression possibilities or any lateral moves into growing industries in the Humber.

The LEP, in conjunction with Kate van der Sluis from Humber HR People will deliver workshops for employers to promote and share best practices on supporting older workers with an age positive attitude.

More information on these workshops can be found here.


  • Scheme Start Date 01-Mar-2021 12:00am

  • Support Type Business Expertise and Advice

  • Support Categories Employment and Skills

  • Number of EmployeesUnder 10, Up to 249, Between 250 and 500, Between 501 and 1000, and Over 1000

  • Regions:East Riding, Hull, North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire