Organiser: Humber LEP Growth Hub

Event Type: Webinar


This webinar highlights tools and tips to help businesses innovate and adapt their offer to meet the need of today’s digital first consumer.

About this Event

Digital technology can revolutionise the way you deliver value to your customers and your ways of working. We will cover how and why digital technology has evolved and been deployed. We’ll give you a framework for looking at your business and working out how to add value across every aspect from the roots of your business that set out how you make your product and organise your business, to the core products or services you produce, and how you reach out into the market and your customers.

Agenda: (90 minutes)

14:00 Introduction / Housekeeping

14:05 What is innovation, what is disruptive innovation?

14:10 The 3 D’s: be DISRUPTIVE, think DIFFERENTLY, embrace DIGITAL

14:25 Innovation thinking – using Scopes to look at your business and build value for your customers/consumers using digital

14:45 Digital examples and interactive scope identification

15:15 Creating a healthy innovation portfolio – a place for digital

15:25 Feedback Poll and Q&A

15:30 Close

Top 3 benefits of attending:

1. Gain insight into the digital revolution and the importance of embracing digital

2. Receive methodologies for successful digital innovation and how to adapt your product/service offer to help your business grow

3. An introduction to some of the digital technology available to help meet the needs of today’s digital first consumer

Delivered by the Edenic group who are a team of innovation consultants and behavioural change experts with many years’ experience developing disruptive thinking and innovation concepts to globally recognised brands.The Group helps brands and organisations to be disruptive, embrace digital and think differently. Edenic Group’s team helps to develop new products, services and innovations solutions across any sector.

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**The webinar will be delivered via the ‘Ring Central’ video conferencing software**

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