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An Engaged Workforce is Key to Setting any Business Up for Success.

About this Event

Having an engaged workforce is the key to having a productive business. Our workshop delivered by Paul Ward from Blue Orchid Enterprises Ltd on “Enhancing Employee Engagement” on the 19th February will leave you with the skills and tactics to ensure your workforce is engaged and therefore productive.

Continuous Improvement is the “empowerment and engagement of all colleagues and heavily includes engaging all employees to help them understand their part and how they make a difference. More efficiently engaged staff help drive continuous improvement for a business leading to higher sales and ultimately, higher profits for your business.

As part of this interactive workshop we will cover.

• Traditional engagement models

• Causes of disengagement

• Measuring engagement

• 10 Opportunities to improve employee engagement

• Practical exercise centred on developing an engaged workforce with Continuous Improvement capability

Each delegate will complete the session armed with a plan for improving employee engagement.

This workshop is fully-funded and so your business does need to be registered and confirmed as eligible for our ERDF-funded Business Growth Scheme. Please check Your Event Eligibility process below.

Should you have any questions then please contact the #GrowMySME Programme team on 01482 485274.

Your Event Eligibility:

Business Growth Scheme workshops are fully-funded and therefore FREE to attend for SMEs who are registered with the #GrowMySME Programme.

An eligible SME is one that, at a minimum, must:

• Have a trading address in the Humber area, which is; Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire

• Have less than 250 full time (or equivalent) employees

• Have a turnover of less than €50m or a balance sheet of less than €43m

– For businesses that are yet to register with the #GrowMySME Programme, you will be contacted to fill in an online Registration Form. This will determine your initial eligibility for the Programme. Once eligibility has been determined, a member of our programme team will then be able to confirm your event booking. You will also be offered the opportunity to be contacted by your local #GrowMySME business advisor.

– For businesses that are already registered with the #GrowMySME Programme, our team will confirm your event booking within 2 working days, and we look forward to seeing you at the event.

NB – Please note that your business only needs to be eligibility checked and registered once to access all parts of the #GrowMySME Programme up to September 2021.

Please note that we can only accommodate one delegate per business at any individual workshop or masterclass in order to meet demand from the Humber SME community.

Should you have any questions then please contact the #GrowMySME Programme team on 01482 485274.

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