Event Type: Webinar


Having the ability to perform effective, robust, reliable and unbiased research is a key capability for all directors.

As part of normal business, all firms need to research the market place to determine how they should operate their firm, therefore during this IoD webinar you will discover the following:

* Understand the different types of information – e.g. quantitative verses qualitative

* How to design a research plan – e.g. why you need gather data, defining a research
objective and developing detailed research questions

* How to create a sample and understand the challenges and issues

* How to gather data via a variety of sources – e.g. interviews, desk research,
document review, observations, focus groups and questionnaires

* How to perform data analysis for both qualitative and quantitative data

* Finally how to summarise the research data into a meantime format

This webinar will take place virtually on Zoom. Once you have registered to join, you will be sent a link to connect and to add to your diary prior to the meeting.

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