Why should Small Businesses get Savvy on Social media?

Why Social?

Social Media is engrained in all aspects of our lives and it is not a trend or fad, but a fundamental shift in the way we now communicate. We are more informed, more connected and more open to share opinions thoughts and feelings with a global audience.

It’s important to highlight that this social malarkey should not be left to the big brands. In fact, social savvy small businesses can embrace social and use it to give big brands a run for their money. Social is changing our worlds by giving customers a voice and platform to share their experiences, opinions and interactions with brands and products. This levels the playing field and gives a small business the opportunity they’ve never had before, the ability to compete with the big brands multimillion dollar marketing campaigns.

What’s the opportunity?

The success of your business relies on the reputation you have amongst your customers. You want to ensure you amplify the message of those advocating your brand and products, as is arguably most authentic reference and advert for your company, and best of all – its free!

We’ve all heard the horror stories, “Big Brand Broadband and Telecoms” spend zillions on a nationwide marketing campaign, promoting their excellent customer service. All it takes is 1 tweet from Doris Dingleby’s granddaughter, sharing how due to Big Brand Broadband her Nanny cannot call her to let her know she’s off for a nap after a busy morning at the WI…

Enter “Little Local Telephone PLC”, who with the help of their Social Engagement tool, are alerted to Doris’ discomfort and immediately chime in, to the snowballing social conversation, informing Doris’ Granddaughter that they have sent an engineer to come and mend Doris’ telephone line. Resulting in a final tweet from Doris’ granddaughter simply reading “@LittleLocalTelephonePLC saved the day” with an attached selfie of her and Doris beaming. Safe to say that was a good result for Little Local Telephone PLC, particularly as the tweet was retweeted of 15,000 times. Their sales have boomed since and all this stemmed from the insight of Microsoft Social Engagement and a proactive.

This fictional tale captures the opportunity for Social offers and highlights not only the ability to for businesses to understand what your current customers are saying about you, but also gives insight into the market and your potential customer base, at a scale no research group could ever reach.