Add A Service

Before a Service can be added you must have first created an organisation.

An Organisation can have a number of services attached to for example an organisation may offer business consultancy and also training. These would be set up as two different services on the site.

To add a service:

Go to your user profile by clicking on your user name in the top right corner.

To create a Service on the WEB site you must be an “Organisation User”  Your profile will tell you what your user level  is. If you are not an “Organisation User” then you can request to be upgraded by emailing your request to

Click the “organisation Management”  link, the  Organisation management screen will now be shown.

If you as a user have more than one organisation, scroll down to the relevant organisation. Click on the “Manage Content for this organisation” button. Click on the  Offered Serviced “New” button

A form will be displayed for you to complete. Enter all the details relating to Offered Service. This is the information which will be visible to users when they visit the site.

Please ensure that you tick the relevant Category boxes(Start up, New business growth, etc) for which you service is aimed at. Your Offered Service will appear on the Web site under those headings. An offered Service can appear in more than one category.

Please also ensure that you tick the Service Category boxes for the business area that your  Offered Service relates to. Again you can tick more than one Service Category. The Service category can be used by people viewing the site to filter information relevant to them.

Click the save  button. Your Offered Services details will now be sent to the Humber LEP for verification.

Once your Offered Service has been verified by The Humber LEP the content will appear on the WEB site.