How to add a user to an Organisation

There are two types of users of the system.

Standard Users – this is basic user and is the default type of users. The user can browse, create  short lists add likes and receive newsletters.

Organisation User – this is the administrator user for your organisation. As well as the same functionality as the Standard User, the Organisation User can also add content to the WEB site, promoting your services, adding upcoming events and case studies.

If you are not an “Organisation User” then you can request to be upgraded by emailing your request to

If you are an Organisation User you can add other users to your organisation as follows:

Go to your user profile by clicking on your user name in the top right corner.

Click the “organisation Management” link, the Organisation management screen will now be shown.

Click on the “View Users” button.

The Invite User form will be displayed. Complete this form and click the “Add User” button.

If the user already exists they will be added to your organisation. If the user is not currently registered then an account will be created for them and they will be informed by email.