We’re doing our bit to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry, by helping to ensure the hard working SME market thrives by having access to the funds it needs. More than that, we’re doing it in a simple, no nonsense way.We’ve said goodbye to anything that’s not business friendly, like penalty charges, late fees and fixed monthly payments. Which means you can concentrate on running a successful business.

Funding available for £2.5k to £300k depending on your card revenue

You pay back only as you earn

One clear cost (no APR)

No fees, charges or hidden costs. Ever.

You can apply in a matter of minutes, and we can make a decision on the phone for you there and then. We can even get you the funds on the day you apply (as long as you give us the information we need).

  • Regions: East Riding, Hull, North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire
  • Telephone 0300 017 4183
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A refreshing alternative to a business loan

A Business Cash Advance is totally different to traditional kinds of business finance. There’s no APR, fees or hidden charges. Or fixed monthly repayments. Just one simple cost we agree with you upfront. And you pay back linked to your card income. So you never have to worry about all the hidden extras you didn’t (really) know about. What’s more, your home is safe as a Business Cash Advance is unsecured finance. Unlike other business loan type products, we don’t ask you to put the things you need the most at risk, like your home or other assets.