Sauce is a fast-growing software development agency, based at the Centre for Digital Innovation (C4Di) in Kingston upon Hull.

Founded in early 2016 by a small group of freelancers, our company has already expanded to 18 members of staff and has swiftly become a go-to resource for a range of multinational organisations, disruptive startups and innovative tech companies.

Sauce – Bespoke Business Software Development

Organisation: Sauce

Every business is different. Although there are plenty of one-size-fits-all CRM, ERP and EAM solutions out there, they aren’t designed to fit your business. In fact, by trying to appeal to everyone, they’re bloated, over complicated, and generally inefficient. Many of our clients reach out to us because they are either tired of trying to change the way they work to fit with an out-of-the-box solution, or they simply cannot find anything that is appropriate for their unique situation.

We know that every company can benefit from the right business software. We approach every project by identifying the unique needs of our client, then working to deliver the most valuable solution in the most efficient way possible.

Sauce – IoT Development

Organisation: Sauce

our IoT developers have the expertise to deliver the front-end UX, the back-end architecture and the business intelligence that you need to bring the best connected device to market.

Sauce – Mobile App Development

Organisation: Sauce


We are a forward thinking, highly-experienced team of app developers, based in the UK. Whether your app is in the initial ideas stage, or you’re several years into development, we’ll work with you to create a market-ready product that’s delivered on time and in budget.