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Back in 2011 we spotted a problem and an opportunity.

There were all of these awesome entrepreneurs and business owners looking for a way to find new customers and grow. Trouble was, tapping into the right talent or marketing agencies were just a wee bit too expensive.

We also noticed that there were loads of talented students & grads out there just clamouring for work. The trouble is, young people are kind of stuck in this rubbish Catch-22. To get work, they need experience. But how are they supposed to get it without a job in the first place? Hmm.

Well then, what if we did something about it and bring these two incredible groups together for freelance work? The businesses get to tap into amazing talent without breaking the bank and these talented youngsters get their foot on the experience ladder whilst getting paid for it. Now that’s a win – win.

A little bit of work later and then BOOM, our first site Concept Cupboard was launched in February 2011.

Since then we’ve done a load of interesting things from meeting Lords through to appearing on the BBC and much much more.

The thing we’re most proud of though is seeing our wonderful community of businesses and 8,000+ freelancers add value and bring a little happiness to each others lives. We don’t mean to brag but the system we have is pretty awesome. Why not try it out?


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