The Ferryport Group The Ferryport Group

We are a small but specialised team of business consultants who work across a range of sectors, from the NHS through to Total Oil. Our aim is to reduce our clients’ costs by increasing productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Eventhough we work across various sectors our range of techniques are very transferrable therefore our industry and engineering foundations move easily to a whole host of other areas.

For us it’s about getting the job done – no fancy suits or jargon, just results, and this is a legacy of our engineering background.

We analyse both current processes and procedures as well as reviewing client generated proposals as a ‘new pair of eyes’. These might be paper based systems, IT processes or a specific item that is causing concern.

Recent projects include:

  • reviewing the processes in place for an NHS interpreter provider with the result that they have freed up two people out of a direct workforce of 10. Additionally our review of their new IT proposals are projected to save a further four jobs.
  • an analysis of practices at a refinery last year increased worker efficiency from 4% on the first day to 67% on the final. This was a sub-contract placement through their preferred provider, and we were called in to carry out a ‘Day in the Life Of’ procedure.
  • the development and introduction of a stores management system for the country’s largest bio-fuels producer.

Ferryport would appreciate the opportunity to visit you with a view of providing some additional information on our services.


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