Local authority Licensing

This section covers all the licence permissions, registrations and permits issued by councils required to conduct your business lawfully. Each Council in the Humber region is responsible for licensing businesses that operate in their areas, below are the links to each council licensing web sites.

Hull City Council – Licensing

East Riding of Yorkshire Council – Licensing

North Lincoln Council – Licensing

North East Lincolnshire Council – Licensing

Trading Standards

The trading standards services provide businesses with the information they need to comply with their legal requirements. Below are links to the four local authority trading standards web sites.

Hull City Council – Trading Standards

East Riding of Yorkshire Council – Trading Standards

North Lincolnshire Council – Trading Standards

North East Lincolnshire Council – Trading Standards

Humberside Fire Brigade

As part of its ongoing commitment to “Safer Communities; Safer Firefighters”, Humberside Fire & Rescue will visit, inspect and audit a wide range of premises to which the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies.

Humberside Fire Brigade – Inspection & Enforcement


Environmental Health

Environmental Health covers a wide range of business areas including Food Hygiene, Health and safety, pollution, noise control and much more. Below are links to the  four local authority departments departments websites. Where you will find details of their services.

Hull City Council – Environmental Health

East Riding of Yorkshire Council- Environmental Health

North Lincolnshire Council – Environmental Health

North East Lincolnshire Council Environmental Health


All the necessary planning application advice and information you require to apply for permission can be obtained from each of the four Humber Local Authorities websites.

Hull City Council – Planning

East Riding of Yorkshire Council – Planning

North Lincoln Council – Planning

North East Lincolnshire Council – Planning